55th reunion

August 2017

Hi, friends!  Great to see you at our 55th!  52 classmates attended (75 in all). Although it may seem a bit premature to be thinking already about our 60th in 2022, would you please take a moment and let us know your thoughts while everything’s still fresh in our minds? 

For example, for the 55th someone suggested one night, not two.  We did that.  Someone suggested possibly getting a flavor of Wisconsin’s Friday Night Fish.  We did that.  Someone suggested holding it on a busy summer weekend in Madison. We did that (Art Fair on the Square).  Tours of West and Epic – Colleen and I came up with those ideas and over 40 folks participated.  At the Reunion itself, Steve Gall suggested meeting at the Memorial Union for anyone who wanted to Taste the Terrace – some did! 

So, that said, we listen to you and want to know how/what you’d like for our 60th.  It takes more than a year to plan, so please don’t wait!  Email Jacquie (gbobuckymom@gmail.com) or Colleen (cmccabe@wisc.edu)  and we’ll put it in a folder to look at in 2021!! For example: time of year, one vs two nights, weekday or weekend, your ideas, please!

So far:  from 55th – Classmate comments/suggestions for our 2022 60th Reunion – yes!  Not too soon to weigh in …

  • “Silent Auction like we did for 50th Reunion”
  • “Reunion like we had tonight!  People more comfortable not to have to dress up”
  • “Stay awake, stay alive.”
  • “Venue that might have 2 rooms – one side to talk/visit; the other side with music/dancing.”
  • “Tour of Capitol”
  • “Had a blast at 55th!  I did miss having a Saturday night event.”
  • “Location (Inntowner) was perfect.  It was easy to get to and the food was really, really good.”
  • “Fine with no music/dancing – we might break something!”
  • “It was wonderful to see everyone and to see new faces after many years.  Hope future reunions are in the plans.” 
  •  “I also think organizing one evening event was a good idea leaving people to pair upon their own for the rest of the weekend. Don't need a formal dinner dance; most of us are getting beyond the stage where we can do the Twist!”
  • “Lovely, lovely time. Somehow it gets sweeter and sweeter to see each other at each get together.  Looking forward to the next one!”
  • “We had a great time at the small reunion. “
  • “I had fun just seeing and greeting people I had not seen for a long time.  Many remembered things we had done together.”
  • “Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the food was wonderful!  We also toured both West and Epic.”

P.S.  Four quick things:

  • If you hear or know of anything about our classmates, please do let Colleen know & she will post on website.
  • That said though, we will no longer make a concentrated effort to track down more Missing Classmates at this point.  I always give West High our Reunion plans and contact names.  If anyone wants to find us, they always can by contacting West High School, our website (www.madisonwesthigh62.org) or Facebook/Messenger.
  • Please try to remember to update class website or email me or Colleen if you move/ have a new email, etc.  That’s how we get information to you! 
  • We have a few Directories that could be sent to you if you’d like one!  Ten bucks would cover Directory, padded envelope and postage – check to Madison West High 62, then send to Jacquie Vilstrup, 3441 Timber Lane,   Cross Plains WI 53528.  It’s another good one full of fun info!

More photos at 


See the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_ciq0AbLqo&sns=em

West ’62 – 55th Reunion – group photo:                           July 7, 2017 - Inntowner

Row 1: (seated) Bonnie Ajer Smith, Sandra Lenz Stark, Sandra Lachnit Andersen, Jacquie Harman Vilstrup, Melodie Leinberger Ohlinger, Maureen O’Mara Armstrong, Tom Hunter, Jim Mayland.
Row 2: Joan Albrecht, Dick Smith, Tim Hibbard, Tom Casey, Jim Haugsland, Brek Johnson, Tom Hurst, Don Bailey, Pam Reigle Mummery, Marilyn McKnight Erickson, Sharon Lewis Thousand, Judi Weissmiller McGee, Beverly Olsen Lemberger, Judy Symon Hanson, Madeline Wright, Ann MacNicoll.
Row 3: Jim Dunn, Hank Cuccia, Tim Van Galder, Don Pfahler, Ken Grafton, Paula Jean Hanson Baumgarten, Roberta Hutzel Kane, Roy Weatherwax, Karen Nielsen Riely, Lucy Stamphli Kalscheur, Colleen McCabe, Sue Blomgren Sawdo, Susan Anderson Ruedisili.
Row 4: Dale Johnson, Rod Shaughnessy, Steve Gall, Ulrich Lettau, Mary Odell, Peter Krug, John Skilton, Sharon Stark, Ted Tarkow, Tempy Burress McCombe, Bob Workinger, Mike Cox.

  • Joan Albrecht - Clearwater FL
  • Susan Anderson (& Lon) Ruedisili – Ferryville WI
  • Don (& Jane) Bailey – Middleton WI
  • Sue Blomgren (& Ken) Sawdo – Shelbyville KY
  • Tempy Burress McCombe –  Georgetown KY
  • Tom (& Lucille) Casey – West Des Moines IA
  • Michael Cox (& Jackie Disch) – Lodi WI
  • Hank Cuccia – Madison WI
  • Bob Dobson (& Bev Larson) – Muscoda WI
  • Jim Dunn (& Ms Loba Srug) – Merrimac WI
  • Steve Gall – Baraboo WI
  • Ken Grafton – Green Valley AZ
  • Paula Jean Hanson (& Tom) Baumgarten – Minocqua WI
  • Jacquie Harman Vilstrup - Cross Plains WI
  • Jim Haugsland – Bayside WI
  • Thomas D. (& Joanne) Hunter – Milwaukee WI
  • Tom (& Betsy) Hurst – Gainesville FL
  • Roberta Hutzel Kane – Madison WI
  • Cheryl Iverson – Chicago IL
  • Brekke (Brek) Johnson – Naples FL
  • Dale Johnson – Longmont CO
  • Peter Krug – Madison WI
  • Sandy Lachnit Andersen (& Tim Hibbard) – Middleton WI
  • Melodie Leinberger (& David) Ohlinger – Mercer WI
  • Sandra Lenz (& Charlie) Stark  – Madison WI
  • Ulrich (& Rebel) Lettau – Marble Hill MO
  • Sharon Lewis (& Tim) Thousand – Madison WI
  • Ann MacNicoll (& guest) – North Las Vegas NV
  • Jim (& Leslie) Mayland – Highwood IL
  • Colleen McCabe – Madison WI
  • Marilyn McKnight (& Steve) Erickson – Shorewood MN
  • Karen Nielsen Riely – Madison WI
  • Mary Odell – Madison WI
  • Beverly Olsen (& Bob) Lemberger – Middleton WI
  • Maureen O’Mara Armstrong – Madison WI
  • Don Pfahler (& Linda Dawson) – Madison WI
  • Pam Reigle Mummery – Ridge NY
  • Rod Shaughnessy – Madison WI
  • John (& Carmen) Skilton – Madison WI
  • Dick & Bonnie (Ajer) Smith – Windermere Fl & Madison WI
  • Tom Speranza – Madison WI
  • Lucy Stampfli (& Jip) Kalscheur – Madison WI
  • Sharon Stark (& Peter Livingston) – Spring Green WI
  • Judy Symon Hanson – Spring Green WI
  • Ted Tarkow – Columbia MO
  • Tim Van Galder – St. Charles MO
  • Roy Weatherwax – Madison WI
  • Judi Weissmiller McGee – Loudon TN
  • Bob (& Marilyn) Workinger – Saint Germain WI
  • Madeline Wright – Los Angeles CA

September 14, 2017

Dear West High Class of 1962 Reunion,

The Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education formally accepted your generous gift at our most recent Board meeting.  We are fortunate to live in a community that values the potential of public education.  Gifts like yours are deeply appreciated.  They help us move toward our vision of every student graduating from MMSD prepared for college, career, and community.  Thank you.


Jennifer Cheatham, Ed.D.             James Howard

Superintendent of Schools           President, Board of Education