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07/10/17 01:22 PM #50    

Suzanne Petersen

So sorry to have missed the 55th reunion. Looks like a good many of our class did get there.  I look forward to some pictures (I'm still one of the few who doesn't do facebook, so I know I miss a lot). I had thought I might get back in time to get to Madison for the 7-8th, but that didn't work out. Gave a lousy paper in Coimbra, Portugal at the end of June. Got back to find numerous 2017 computer problems still plaguing all my equipment, making it impossible for me to get any work done. But Im still hoping to make it to Madison in late August, early Sept. Hope you all had a glorious time recounting old and sharing new stories.



03/02/19 11:17 AM #51    

Robert Workinger

"The Hafe" was a remarkable leader, and teacher. When a sophomore, the day I got cut from the basketball team Don was waiting outside the gym door. He put his arm around my shoulder and said, "How would you like to wrestle this Saturday?" Winning that match was just the beginning of a life lesson.  (Brek Johnson -- you never did take me down!) I later refereed my first WIAA dual in 1973, and continued wearing the stripes for 20 years. Well Done Mr. Hafeman! Respectfully, R. Workinger

09/07/20 09:18 PM #52    


Rod Shaughnessy

Hi to All

One of our classmates, and one of my dearest friends, U. S. Army 1LT Harry B.Hambleton III, died on September 8th, 1968, as a result of his service to our country.  He was a great guy, and followed his father's call into the military.  Just thought it was about time on the anniversary of his death tomorrow that some of us paused and gave a brief thought about him and what he stood for.

His information is posted on the Virtual Wall, , but like many brief summaries of a person's life, doesn't really do him justice.  If you knew him, you'd be proud to have done so.

Regards to all,


03/18/22 06:26 AM #53    


Suzanne Lautz (Machan)

I look forward to the reunon on Aug 13. How did the years go by so fast?  I like the idea of a light catered affair. Outside in a shelter if possible in case it rains. Thank you Peter and committee for organizing this.

05/10/22 10:07 AM #54    

Suzanne Petersen

Hoping and  planning to attend. I'm really looking forward to it. MFor now a aybe to the tour. 1 or 2 people max. . Thank you both.

05/24/22 01:39 PM #55    

Tom Olson

Barbara and I plan to attend the reunion. 

05/25/22 06:14 PM #56    


Mary C. Erickson (Post)

I will not be there.  Enjoy the reunion.  I know very few of our class anymore.

Mary Erickson Post



05/26/22 05:43 AM #57    


Suzanne Lautz (Machan)

I tried to post condolences on Nancy G's memorial page and it would not accept it.  Just wanted to add my condolences. I,too, remember her as a very nice person.  Is there an obit to share?

05/26/22 11:48 AM #58    

Mary Odell

Will not be coming.

06/06/22 12:31 PM #59    


Judi Weissmiller (McGee)

It doesn't look like we're getting a very good response to the reunion.  Any idea how many are planning to come?

06/06/22 02:15 PM #60    

Peter Krug

Judi, 39 people (28 class members and 11 guests) definitely plan to attend the reunion. Eight other class members have reported that they probably (or maybe) will attend. Five class members have said they do not plan to attend. As you can see, we have not received responses from many class members. If you perhaps know people who have not responded, we would appreciate it if you would encourage them to respond to our "Update and Requests" announcement that is posted here at the class website. Thank you! Peter Krug



06/16/22 09:04 AM #61    

Ulrich Lettau

This bracelet was in Pat Kelly's possessions....

Any ideas on source??     Anyone?

06/17/22 10:12 AM #62    


Rod Shaughnessy

Hi Ulrich:

On the back of the silver-colored one, "1962", should be engraved, indicating the year of graduation.  I'm not sure about the other two.



06/17/22 10:38 AM #63    


Patricia Runnels (Perry)

I will not be attending reunion in August. Patricia Runnells Thorson-Perry

06/18/22 09:42 AM #64    


Antoinette (Toni) Hanson (Mauro)

Once again, I won't make it to the reunion!  I look forward to photos and stories!  Blessings to all!

06/21/22 12:01 PM #65    


Judi Weissmiller (McGee)

I will not be attending the reunion.  Have fun!

06/22/22 10:46 AM #66    


John D. Rouse

Hi -- Sorry, I won't be able to get to the reunion—my God 105° heat index—but I may be back in the area in September, as there's supposed to be a big to-do about that ancient student observatory I used to be involved with. Besides, the fall leaves are so nice to look at.

But best wishes to everyone, and have fun!

06/23/22 10:21 AM #67    


Kathy Markstrom (DiSantis)

Hi class of 196262 

I also will not be able to attend the reunion, I will be in Arizona,   Hope to see the fun pictures however and would always be happy to hear from anyone that goes   Have a great time y'all   

Regards and best wishes,

Kathy D

07/01/22 03:28 AM #68    

Janet Severn (Walstrom)

Janet (Severn) Walstrom


Unable to attend reunion this time.  

07/02/22 12:52 PM #69    

Richard Johnson

I will not be able to attend the reunion this year. Look forward to the pictures

07/12/22 10:26 AM #70    

James "Ace" Anderson

Hi Gang, love you all dearly.... but August 13th is my wife's 70th and our 43rd anniversary. Hmmmm ... tough choice. LOL Have fun, tell stories of the "Glory Days" (Bruce S.) and lots of pix for those of us unable to attend.



07/13/22 02:24 PM #71    


Kathryn Timmerman (Vinson)

Hi All,

Bob and I will not be attending the reunion. Our last cross country trip was 2019. We continue to stay well, praise the Lord! Don't know when we will travel again. August 13 is our 56th anniversary! 
Enjoy the reunion, and post pics, 😊 Kathy 


07/19/22 04:14 PM #72    

Ted Tarkow

Suzy Petersen ( and Ted Tarkow (  are curious to learn whether any of you coming from out of town for reunion festivities scheduled for Saturday, August 13 might want to get together for a drink and dinner Friday night, August 12.  We don't have details yet (in fact, we're eager for suggestions*) but  thought we'd get the ball rolling for suggestions. And depending on what responses we get, we may need to make reservations.  Of course, hosts of out-of-towners are welcome to join us!!
**One possibility: Quivey's Grove (

07/20/22 08:12 AM #73    

Kathy Wittwer (Gwidt)

Gary and I plan to attend.

07/20/22 04:49 PM #74    


Priscilla Lail (Parrish)

Sorry but will be unable to attend the reunion . Look forward to the photos and comments.

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